Les vergers Boiron withdraw several batches of Passion Fruit Puree.


As part of the quality controls carried out on all our frozen fruit puree, Les vergers Boiron withdraw several batches of frozen Passion Fruit puree, which do not comply with European standards.



Your satisfaction is our priority and we apply an intensive monitoring process to continuously  control the quality of our fruit puree. 


During an internal quality control testing, we detected a non compliance involving several batches of frozen Passion Fruit puree. Our analysis revealed a level of lead higher than what allowed by European standards. We immediately alerted the French authorities, Direction Départementale à la Protection des Populations of Drôme area (DDPP 26).


In cooperation with the French authorities, we are carrying out an operation to withdraw trays and buckets of Passion Fruit puree from the market.


Download the list of batches concerned


We ask our distributors and importers to proceed as follows:

  • If you have products of these batches in stock, please discontinue selling or distributing the products and destroy all such products;
  • If some of these products have already been sold, please inform your customers and ask them to discontinue using the products.


An internal crisis team was mobilized to pilot this procedure. It has conducted an internal investigation and analyzed the possible factors of contamination (water, industrial process, supply, environment ...). This traceability study identified a specific supplier. His lots were blocked and subjected to extensive investigations.


To answer questions

For your information and in order to to help you to answer any questions from your customers, you will find attached a FAQ  on the main aspects of this withdrawal operation.


Download the FAQ


Refund procedure

We invite you to keep track of all the costs that you may have (invoice from a provider, photo of destroyed products ...). You will find enclosed the document to be filled to confirm the destruction of your batches.

If you are a pastry chef, cook, ice cream maker, bartender ..., do not hesitate to contact your distributor who will tell you what to do.


Download Procedure and Certificate of Destruction


Customer information

In order to answer all your questions and to help you in this process, a dedicated technical and sales team is at your disposal. You can reach her at the following address:


We apologize for the inconvenience. We are aware of the difficulties generated by this procedure and we truly appreciate  your cooperation.


Best regards


Signature CG

Christiane GARNIER

Food Safety Manager



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