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A series of episodes to follow the journey of the fruit,
from the orchard to the plate

From Orchard to Plate, your new unmissable rendez-vous! Each month, from June, dive into our universe and discover our know-how secrets.

Following seasonal fruits, we will share with you the story of FRUITS from all horizons and take you on a journey to immerse yourself in Les vergers Boiron.

Be ready for an incredible adventure alongside Les vergers Boiron in our brand-new saga! From the planting of the fruit trees to the plates created by our partner chefs who transform our products into astonishing recipes...

Thanks to this saga, we wish to share with you our passion: for 80 years we kept our level of requirements and our search for excellence. The attention that we have for FRUITS as well as for our producers drives us to always offer exceptional fruits products.


Episode 1 - Following the rhythm of the seasons

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring... Each season sets the pace for the work of the fruit producer.

In June, follow us on a journey to discover the #strawberry. We love this small red round fruit that we love so much for its naturally sweet taste, but it hides - as you will see - a very peculiar story...


The strawberry is a fragile fruit that requires a great deal of care to achieve a perfect harvest; the result is a delicious fruit, rich in flavour and colour, which will bring THE gustatory touch to your preparations... for exceptional creations on your plates.


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