Dear Partner,


Over the past month, we withdrew Passion Fruit purées whose lead content is higher than the European standard.

I am aware of the inconvenience that this may have caused to you and your team and I thank you for your help in this process.


We are gradually resuming the delivery of frozen passion fruit purées 100%.


This leads me to give you further information, in a transparent manner, in the video below, on what happened and what has been implemented.




We are constantly monitoring the quality of our purées via statistical process controls which vary in frequency for each flavour, depending on the identified risks.

The video below will show you how these controls are carried out.



Be sure that we are making relentless efforts in terms of controls, quality and food safety to offer you the fruit at its best and maintain your trust.


I hope that this message will help you understand what happened and how we handled this situation.


The company and I owe you the utmost standard of quality, honesty and transparency.


I thank you sincerely for trusting us


Alain Boiron